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Policy and Procedure for Criminal History Background Checks

Criminal History Background Checks

To ensure the highest standards of leadership, the Kiwanis Club of Peoria requires a clear criminal history background check for any member serving as advisor to any Service Leadership Program club, program or activity.

Additionally, to ensure that adults working with youth are of the utmost moral fiber, the Kiwanis Club of Peoria requires a clear criminal history background check for any Kiwanians or nonmembers  registered for, participating in, or staying overnight at any event organized by the club involving youth under 18.

Successful completion of the background (a “clear check”) is based on verification that of the convictions stated in the Kiwanis Club of Peoria policies attached or similar thereto have been determined for that person.

The club recognizes only its own criminal history background check process as valid. The club recommends background checks from the Kiwanis International vendor, Safe Hiring Solutions. Background checks from other organizations serving youth such as Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, and church groups, for example, will be accepted if they meet the standards of Safe Hiring Solutions.

All background checks shall be reviewed and evaluated by the Club Secretary and determined to be clear or not clear, based on the criteria stated in the Kiwanis Club of Peoria Policies. The Club President shall be advised if a check indicates a problem or concern that requires further investigation or is to be determined to be not clear. In either case, the Club Secretary shall notify such person. A check that is not clear causes automatic denial of the right to hold the position or attend the event in question.

The Club Board shall have final authority on the matter.

An individual may receive a copy of his/her background check by requesting it in writing.

Background checks are valid for a period of ten years except for individuals registered for, participating in, or staying overnight at any event organized by the club involving youth under 18. Such individuals are required to have a back ground check every two years. All relevant persons who have not had a criminal history background check conducted and verified as clear within the past ten years or two years as applicable at any given time are subject to a new check.

To carry out the club policy on criminal history background checks, the following shall apply.

1. Responsibility for Costs

    The Kiwanis Club of Peoria shall be responsible to pay the charges. Checks should be conducted as inexpensively as reasonably possible to assure accurate results.

2. Convictions that Cause Ineligibility

    A criminal history background check is considered “not clear” if it indicates: a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude; a felony or conviction or registration of a violent and/or sexual nature, involving any type of abuse of a child, involving threatening or intimidating behavior, or otherwise of a physical nature; or felony related to larceny or theft.

    Other types of felony convictions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Club Secretary.

      Any conviction legally reversed or overturned by the proper authorities shall not be considered when evaluating the background check.

3. Discipline

    Individuals with a background check determined to be not clear will be subject to the following actions:

            A. Current club board members or club appointees will be disciplined as determined by the Club Board, including but not limited to suspension or  removal from their position.

            B. Candidates for any club board position or club appointment will be considered                  disqualified as a candidate for such.

            C. Adults wishing to participate in club youth activities will not be allowed to do so.

            D. Conduct unbecoming process may be engaged depending on the convictions                      identified in the report.

            E. It is the intention of the Kiwanis Club of Peoria to follow the policies and procedures of Kiwanis International for discipline.

Nothing herein will prevent the Kiwanis Club of Peoria from altering the above policy and procedure to keep in accordance with any changes that may be made on this criminal background check policy by Kiwanis International.