Serving the Children of the World
In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
ALL MEMBER CONTACT, CARE, & RECOGNITION Members will make calls, circulate cards during Club meetings and send cards to ill or hospitalized Club members. They also monitor special needs of Club members. They develop ways to note Club member achievements and assist the president in their recognition.
ANNUAL CHEESE SALE Members coordinate this holiday fundraiser from October through January. The committee plans and receives product, obtains and distributes orders for sales in our meetings and outside personal and business locations. Corporate and club sponsors are solicited and volunteers help in outside sales activities.
ANNUAL FLOWER SALE Members coordinate ordering and selling bouquets for the Administrative Professional’s Day (formerly Secretary’s Day) in April. Members solicit club and corporate sponsors and coordinate all sales activity.
Swan, Doug
This is our current leadership for the club.
BUDGET AND FINANCIAL PLANNING Members work with the Board and the club president in developing and implementing budget and financial plans for both the Club operations side and the Foundations charitable side.
CIRCLE K Members attend Circle K meetings, board meetings, and events at Bradley University. They coordinate an annual fundraiser for their club by helping to put together “Campus Welcome Kits” for students attending Bradley University.
CLUB DOCUMENTATION Members create, produce and distribute, annually, the Club roster book and other publications deemed necessary by the Board. They create and maintain the history of this Club and its members. Pictures are taken of speakers at each Club meeting and othe Kiwanis sponsored events. Members also collect information and prepare a “Year In Review” scrapbook for the outgoing Club president.
CLUB LEADERSHIP CONTINUITY Members help develop new leadership within the club and choose the slate of officers and directors for the coming year. This committee membership consists of past presidents.
CLUB MEETING ARRANGEMENTS Members are responsible for weekly Club meeting setup which includes lunch money collection, proper banner display, microphone and flag setup, and songbooks and banks on the tables. They also provide for speaker’s special needs which could include a projector and a screen. Members return all Kiwanis materials to the appropriate storage location after the meeting.
CLUB MEETING MUSIC Members are scheduled in advance to lead the singing of an appropriate song selection at the weekly Club meeting.
CLUB MEETING PROGRAMS Members arrange for speakers for each weekly Club meeting. They also coordinate with other committees to provide speakers for special meetings, such as Ag Week, International Relations, Teacher of the Year, and the Tri-County Citizen of the Year. They contribute program information to the Club president, secretary, and the Communication & Promotions Committee.
COMMUNICATIONS & PROMOTIONS Members oversee the publication and distribution of our weekly Club newsletter, sell ads for all sponsored publications as directed by the Board, and maintain a timely and informative web site. They prepare news releases to promote Club meeting speakers and events. Coordination is accomplished with other committees to create PR for fundraisers, to develop flyers and brochures for Club charitable activity promotion, and to maintain the “Introduction to Kiwanis Club of Peoria” recruitmen
HEART OF ILLINOIS AKTION CLUB This club is a community service group for adult citizens who live with disability. Members attend monthly Aktion Club meetings which are held at 6:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the East Peoria Fon du Lac Park District Administration Building. Members help facilitate interaction with Kiwanians, and they participate in service activities.
INTER-CLUB ATTENDANCE Members arrange for four or more Club members to attend another Kiwanis club meeting at least once a month. Sign-ups, directions, and coordination with other clubs are handled. At least once a year, a visit to a Kiwanis club meeting outside our division is made.
KARING ANGEL AWARD The award was created as a result of a Karing individual stepping up to help someone in extreme danger.
KEY CLUB/BUILDERS CLUB/K-KIDS Members are actively involved with our four Key Clubs (Notre Dame, Peoria High, Peoria Richwoods and Peoria Christian) and our Builders Club (Lincoln Middle School, Harrison School, Peoria Christian and Washington Gifted) K-Kids at Harrison School by attending their meetings and helping as necessary. They also plan Key Club Recognition Day and an annual Club member / Key Club meeting at one of their schools.
LONDON HOUSE Members serve on the London House Board and attend the board meetings where actions are taken to manage the living conditions for the senior citizen residents. Board meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the last Monday of each month onsite in that dwelling located at 1408 E. London Avenue in Peoria Heights.
MEMBERSHIP GROWTH Members encourage Club members to solicit potential recruits to attend our weekly Club meetings, to inform them of our Club programs and Kiwanis mission, and to encourage their membership in our Club. They develop specific campaigns to recruit new members. Members are also responsible for promoting the precepts and benefits of being a Kiwanian. Activities are coordinated with the New Member Induction / Orientation / Education Committee.
NEW FUNDRAISING PROJECTS Members investigate viable fundraising options and present opportunities for Board approval. Successful ventures in the past include a Kiwanis Night at Culver’s with assistance from our sponsored Key Clubs and a Chief’s baseball game luxury box raffle. One new project might include night with the Pollards, a silver screen movie and dinner night at an upscale restaurant.
NEW MEMBER INDUCTION/ ORIENTATION / EDUCATION Members conduct new member induction ceremonies and new member orientation and training. They develop and present Club educational material as directed by the Club president. Members are also responsible for promoting the precepts and benefits of being an active Club member. Activities are coordinated with the Membership Growth Committee and the Communication & Promotions Committee.
Outings and Entertainment Members plan Club member events such as golf outings and trips to the ballpark. They provide information and encouragement to Club members to attend Division and District sporting events. They also plan and arrange for social events involving basketball, indoor football, baseball and hockey and other social functions for Club member fellowship.
PANCAKE BREAKFAST Members coordinate ordering foods and supplies, get event sponsors and advertisers and sell tickets for the Pancake Breakfast event. Members solicit Club and corporate sponsors, coordinate all sales activity and serve the food for the event.
RECEPTION & FELLOWSHIP Members schedule greeters and hosts to welcome Club members and guests at each weekly Club meeting. They also arrange for greeters and hosts for sponsored events and socials. They invite new members to serve with veteran members as greeters to introduce new members to the Club membership.
SPIRITUAL AIMS Members are responsible for signing up invocators to offer prayer at each Club meeting. They work with the Board to determine the charities that are part of the Club’s “Charity of the Month” rotation. They also coordinate the distribution of applications for the “Kiwanis Lay Person of the Year” award.
TEACHER OF THE YEAR RECOGNITION Members initiate the selection process of candidates by each high school and coordinate the purchase of plaques and savings bonds. They arrange for the awards luncheon and secure a special speaker for the occasion. Two groups of awards are given each year: one for our Peoria elementary schools and the other for our high schools. They also coordinate the grade school Teacher of the Year program with the Teacher’s Union.
THE ELIMINATE PROJECT The committee will be responsible for learning about maternal/neonatal tetanus (MNT), educate our membership and community about MNT. The committee will also solicit our members and our community to meet our fund raising goals.Our goal is to be a Platinum level club with an average per member donation of $1,500 or $169,500 total
TRI-COUNTY CITIZEN AWARD Members are responsible for recognizing outstanding efforts of an individual for their contribution to the community. They arrange for this special annual community-wide awards event by preparing and distributing application forms, by securing a special speaker for the occasion, and by preparing and distributing promotional material. The committee requires a leader on the committee from each of Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties to be the judges selecting the recipient of the aw
YOUNG CHILDREN: PRIORITY ONE Priority One members create projects that address young children’s needs for those that are prenatal to five years old. The goal is to have one project each month. One of the annual projects is the Division Infant Car Seat Distribution.
Youth Services Youth Services members coordinate our Club's Key club Honor Awards by distributing applications, selecting a panel of judges, and by coordinating the awards meeting. They consider funding requests from organizations that deal with children.